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  • "Tripsitter" - from the brand new album BREAKING SILENCE VIOLENTLY (2017)

  • "To The City And The World" - from the brand new album BREAKING SILENCE VIOLENTLY (2017)

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As to their name, MONSTERS OF THE ORDINARY perform the gentle art of understatement,
because ordinary usually sounds different:

the four Vienna-based musicians thunder a thrilling mix of stoner rock, blues rock and psychedelic rock at us, carried by a - naturally monstrous - voice of orchestral range. Straight but epic, strange but catchy, striking far away from metal clichés.

Amidst dust-dry riffs, unbending drums and brimming guitar solos, singer Oliver Müller opulently and powerfully asks questions about the ordinary things in life, balances on the edge of sanity and speculates about mirages, machine messiahs and the meaning of life.

That opposites are no contradictions for MONSTERS OF THE ORDINARY is proven not only by the different musical origins of the members. Since their formation in 2007, two EPs (“Collisions & Encounters”, “Stuck Inside Your Mind”), the two albums "On The Edge And Beyond" (2012) and "Mirror" (2014) and their latest release "Breaking Silence Violently" (2017), the monsters have been fusing potent grooves and melodies into an inseparable unit.

The band has shared the stage with international acts such as Truckfighters, Samsara Blues Experiment, My Sleeping Karma, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Mustasch, Monkey 3, Ufomammut, Riot God, Brave Black Sea, Deville, Planet Of Zeus and many more.

THE BAND ______

Oliver Müller :: Vocals
Oliver Müller
Klaus Wurzwallner :: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Klaus Wurzwallner
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andreas Kovac :: Bass
Andreas Kovac
Sören "Sozo" Fahnemann

MUSIC ______



30.07.2019 Bierwoche :: Arena, Vienna (AT)
26.05.2019 Live @ Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Black Tusk & Chorosia
03.05.2019 Live @ Café Carina, Vienna (AT) w/ Slingshot
20.04.2019 Spring Metal Bash :: Explosiv, Graz (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly, Rohstoff, Chaos Messerschmitt
19.04.2019 Live @ Round Midnight, Trieste (IT) w/ Concrete Jelly
06.04.2019 Stoner-Rock-Night :: Röda, Steyr (AT) w/ Intra
09.03.2019 Interstellar Overdrive :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Liquid Earth, Slingshot
29.10.2018 Live @ Arena Beisl, Vienna (AT) w/ The Hazytones
07.09.2018 Jelly Monster 2.0 @ Desertations :: Club Wakuum, Graz (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly
06.09.2018 Jelly Monster 2.0 :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly, Liquid Earth
26.05.2018 Live @ Livestage, Innsbruck (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly
25.05.2018 Live @ Klub Česká 1, Kutná Hora (CZ) w/ Concrete Jelly
24.05.2018 Live @ Kramladen, Vienna (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly
23.05.2018 Live @ Hollabrunner Bierbeisl, Hollabrunn (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly
07.04.2018 April Stoner Session :: Kramladen, Vienna (AT) w/ Liquid Earth, Interhell
26.01.2018 Overdub Presents :: Replugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Liquid Earth, The Frinks, Freddie Red
25.10.2017 Gürtel Connection IV :: Weberknecht, Vienna (AT)
28.09.2017 Ultima Radio CD Release :: Chelsea, Vienna (AT) w/ WarHoles, Ultima Radio
23.09.2017 Live @ Tetris, Trieste (IT) w/ Concrete Jelly
19.08.2017 Desert Sun :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Liquid Earth, Leafe, Mind Control
16.06.2017 Desertations :: Club Wakuum, Graz (AT) w/ Swanmay
09.06.2017 Live @ rock.BAR, Amstetten (AT) w/ Crude
26.05.2017 Live @ Roter Gugl, Leitersdorf bei Hartberg (AT) w/ High Transition
13.05.2017 Album Release Show :: Chelsea, Vienna (AT)
15.04.2017 Das Schweigen der Osterlämmer :: Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) w/ Prototyper, Loontower, Roadwolf
27.01.2017 Rockin' Cold :: Aera, Vienna (AT) w/ Wir&Jetzt, The Mycons, Napoleon Hairfashion
11.12.2016 Live @ rhiz, Vienna (AT) w/ Slingshot
06.08.2016 Rock am Berg :: Guglzipf, Berndorf (AT) w/ Russkaja
05.07.2016 Live @ Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Naxatras (EL)
17.06.2016 Dr Krise Rocks On! :: Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) w/ Vacunt, DeeCracks
14.05.2016 Desertations :: Club Wakuum, Graz (AT) w/ Concrete Jelly
19.03.2016 Like A TÜWI Stone III :: TÜWI, Vienna (AT) w/ Universe Collision, Mothers Of The Land
19.12.2015 Night of Fuzz :: Posthof, Linz (AT) w/ Lucifer Baby, White Miles, Colour Haze (DE)
07.11.2015 Rockin' Fall :: Replugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Wir&Jetzt, Johnny Favourit’, Snowflake Victim
23.10.2015 Stoner Rock Night #29 :: Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) w/ Simeon Soul Charger (US), Sativa Root
26.09.2015 Butter/Wach @ Arena Beisl :: Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) !! 6:00am - FREE ENTRY !!
25.04.2015 Live @ Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) w/ Witchrider
27.03.2015 Live @ rock.BAR, Amstetten (AT) FREE ENTRY!!! w/ EARased
09.01.2015 Stoner Rock Night :: Arena Vienna, Vienna (AT) w/ Stone Bride, SOLAR BLAZE
20.12.2014 The Rock - 2yr Birthday Party :: The Rock, Vienna (AT) FREE ENTRY!!! w/ Repint, The Moles
10.10.2014 Der Hörsaal wird verlegt :: Ottakringer Brauerei, Vienna (AT) w/ Farewell Dear Ghost, Fear Of Men
30.08.2014 Redbull Brandwagen Tour :: rock.BAR, Amstetten (AT) w/ Cannonball Ride, EARased
29.08.2014 Desert Sun Festival :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Krabovsky, Prototyper, Underdogs, Lowbau, Solrize
07.08.2014 Arena Bierwoche :: Arena, Vienna (AT) w/ Oh-Fi, Phobos, Arena All Star Band
02.08.2014 Rock am Berg :: Guglzipf, Berndorf (AT) w/ Roadside Hawk, Demian, AC/DC Revival Band
06.07.2014 Live @ Szene, Vienna (AT) w/ Brave Black Sea
21.02.2014 "Mirror" Album Release :: Shelter, Vienna (AT) w/ Colossus Creator
03.12.2013 Live @ Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Mustasch
31.10.2013 Live @ rock.BAR, Amstetten (AT) w/ Colossus Creator
25.09.2013 Live @ B72, Vienna (AT) w/ Solrize
30.08.2013 Club 2 - "Hart aber herzlich" :: Rittersaal Rothschildschloss, Waidhofen/Ybbs (AT) w/ Deaf By Unicorn
10.08.2013 Lake On Fire Festival :: Nepomukteich, Waldhausen (AT) w/ Stone Circus, Dirt Deflector, Molior Superum, Torso, Egocentrics, Been Obscene, Monkey3
28.07.2013 Arena Bierwoche :: Arena, Vienna (AT) w/ Wildhunt
25.07.2013 Live @ Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Kitty Cat & The Uglyheads, Boozehounds Of Hell, Orange Goblin
22.07.2013 Live @ Arena Beisl, Vienna (AT)
21.03.2013 Live @ Shelter, Vienna (AT) w/ Torso, Cojones
28.11.2012 Live @ Feierwerk, Munich (DE) w/ My Sleeping Karma
23.11.2012 Live @ Groovestation, Dresden (DE) w/ Double Wide, Samsara Blues Experiment
27.10.2012 Live @ Darkslide, Amstetten (AT) w/ Colossus Creator
10.10.2012 Live @ Shelter, Vienna (AT) w/ The Midnights
05.10.2012 Sonic Heartbreak Festival :: Szene, Vienna (AT) w/ Freddie Red, Reverend Backflash, The Hitman Hearts
26.05.2012 5 Jahre Viper Room Festival :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ LelKem, Sundust
30.04.2012 Rock Out Vol. III / "On The Edge And Beyond" Release :: Szene, Vienna (AT) w/ Kaiser Franz Josef, Easy, Demian, Planet Of Zeus
28.02.2012 Desert Forces :: Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Astral Doors, Riotgod
28.01.2012 Looks Like A Job For Cowboys IV :: Club Wakuum, Graz (AT) w/ Contra Verse, Reverend Backflash
07.12.2011 Live @ Shelter, Vienna (AT) w/ Cachimbo De Paz
15.10.2011 Live @ Scorbar, Waidhofen/Ybbs (AT) w/ St. Heinrich
25.06.2011 Night Of Fuzz :: Stadtwerkstatt, Linz (AT) w/ Cachimbo De Paz, Parasol Caravan
07.05.2011 Live @ Unplugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Redneck Radio
24.04.2011 Live @ Fifty, Aspernhofen (AT) w/ Solrize
23.04.2011 Live @ Musikcafé Egon, St. Pölten (AT) w/ Solrize
02.04.2011 Live @ Roadhouse, Pfaffstätten (AT) w/ Solrize
18.03.2011 Looks Like A Job For Cowboys :: Club Wakuum, Graz (AT) w/ Redneck Radio, Those Wipers
19.01.2011 Live @ Szene, Vienna (AT) w/ Negative
12.11.2010 November Rain Festival :: Explosiv, Graz (AT) w/ Nosgoth, Darkfall, Solrize
17.09.2010 Roadtrip To Outta Space :: Arena, Vienna (AT) w/ Ufomammut
22.05.2010 Live @ Red Balloon, Feld/See (AT) w/ Solrize
21.05.2010 Live @ Viper Room, Vienna (AT) w/ Truckfighters
02.04.2010 International Live Award / Austrian Band Contest :: Gasometer, Vienna (AT)
22.02.2010 Roadtrip To Outta Space :: Arena, Vienna (AT) w/ Nebula
17.01.2010 International Live Award / Austrian Band Contest :: Szene, Vienna (AT)
24.11.2009 Live @ Unplugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Faraway Town, Deville
28.10.2009 Roadtrip To Outta Space :: Arena, Vienna (AT) w/ Monkey3
17.10.2009 Live @ Villa K, Bludenz (AT) w/ The Centuries
22.08.2009 International Live Award / Austrian Band Contest :: Szene, Vienna (AT)
01.08.2009 Live @ Mad Stage, Mödling (AT) w/ Dust 'N' Bones
27.06.2009 Live @ Schlawiner, Vienna (AT)
16.04.2009 "Collisions & Encounters" EP Release :: Shelter, Vienna (AT)
05.07.2008 Live @ Replugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Faint Pictures, Sunstone
05.06.2008 Live @ Replugged, Vienna (AT) w/ Faraway Town, Deville
31.05.2008 Live @ Café Bach, Vienna (AT) w/ Sleepwalkin', Slave Called Shiver
09.02.2008 "Stuck Inside Your Mind" EP Release :: Café Carina, Vienna (AT)



Monsters Of The Ordinary

c/o Oliver Müller
Marienhofgasse 3
2563 Berndorf

Phone: +43 (0)664 4264402
Email: info@monstersoftheordinary.com
Website: www.monstersoftheordinary.com